Today is Palm Sunday, commemorating Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a young donkey, being adored by crowds of people who threw down palm leaves and their cloaks in Jesus’s path.

We traditionally give out palm crosses at this service. Unfortunately it isn’t safe to do so this year, so the next best thing is to make your own. We attach a link for you to have a go. One of our younger members of the congregation proves it is possible!

With Very Best Wishes,

We can’t give out Palm Sunday Crosses this year so have a go at making your own! Click below to get instructions! Watch from 1 minute 45 to get the traditional version.

Vicar of St Giles

Here is my Midweek Reflection for 1 April. I talk about daily prayer, running, perseverance and keeping our bodies well in these difficult times

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Life at St Giles Church during this Coronavirus pandemic

Last updated Tuesday 24 March 2020 at 17:55

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of 23rd March, the Archbishops have written to clergy in support of the measures.

Our church buildings are therefore now closed for public worship, private prayer and all other meetings and activities except for vital community services until further notice. 

However, they also said that it was important that the Church of England becomes a “different sort of church” in the coming months to face the challenge of coronavirus. So watch this space as we work out what this will look like for us at St Giles.

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Pizza Sunday

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Our vision is to be a church that worships, welcomes and shares God with all our community and beyond