Here at St Giles we have a team of people who work hard to raise money for the Children’s Society.

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During the COVID pandemic social events are not possible but that is not stoppingus!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Society by buying Christmas cards and quizzes. Although we didn’t sell as many quizzes we had some very generous donations added on to the purchase of both cards and quizzes as we had cancelled the Box Opening in November.

We are very grateful to Mike Johnson who this year sold quizzes to his work colleagues and customers and then generously doubled the amount they raised to £400 . Added to the money we had raised this came to over £600. Definitely our best ever!  We had 14 quizzes returned, none completely correct and Pat Jessop from Bramhope was the winner. The amount raised from the sale of Christmas cards will be in a later magazine. Anne Marshall