St Giles Church is a lively and active church at the heart of our village in Bramhope. We seek to bring the message of Jesus Christ, which is an eternal message of God’s love for everyone to the people of our community.

We are here for our community and for those who seek a place where their children can be christened,  people can choose to marry and where you can be assured of a comforting and caring funeral for your loved ones.

To maintain our building, our services, our help to other churches so that Christian worship can be maintained in urban areas of Leeds and all the activities that go to make up St Giles requires money.

We receive no financial support from anyone but our congregation…..

Please can you help us financially to maintain and support our work and church in the village of Bramhope?

Please consider Gift Aid when making your donation

Our vision is to be a church that worships, welcomes and shares God with all our community and beyond