Whether you’ve never been to church before or have been going to church for years we hope that you will feel comfortable with us. You don’t need to know anything about God before you come along: our services are the perfect place to explore who God is and we try to avoid unnecessary jargon or formality.

read more here about services during the pandemic.

Have any Questions?

  • There’s no dress code – just do put something on!!
  • Normally you can sit anywhere but during the pandemic you will be shown to your seat.
  • The service usually last 45 – 60 minutes but if you need to leave, feel free.
  • Worried about following the service? Don’t be. The Vicar will make it clear where he is in the service booklet.
  • At the moment we can’t sing because of the Covid Restrictions but in ‘nomal’ times it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to sing.
  • Bring the family! Everyone is welcome.
  • Noisy kids? No problem. In normal times there will be things for them to do but during Covid bring a jigsaw or toy to occupy them but if you start to feel uncomfortable give them a break and take them into the hall where they just LOVE to charge up and down. You can return when ready.
  • Depending on the service there may or may not be Communion (Eucarist)….read more. If you haven’t been confirmed or a regular church attender you can still go up to the Altar with everyone else but just for a blessing.
  • Want to know more? When leaving ask the Vicar to contact you.
  • Meet the rest of the team

Please don’t rush off.

We normally serve refreshments immediately after the service but are unable to during Covid. We hope that in future you’ll want to stick around at the end of the service to enjoy coffee/tea and biscuits so we can get to meet you.

Our wide variety of services from the traditional to the contemporary will ensure you find something to suit your tastes.

Children are welcome at all services where, in normal times, we endeavour to have something to help young minds grow their faith too.

Can’t manage a Sunday morning? We have a monthly mid-week CATS Toddler Praise.

As always if you require prayer or are enquiring about baptisms, weddings and funerals please use the contact us page.

Come and meet us. Be assured of a warm welcome. Whether you’ve been a Christian all your life, or are just exploring what church and faith might be for you, we hope you will find just what you need at St Giles.