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Monthly Letter

Hello Everyone,

As you may know a new half time priest has been appointed to the Parish of Bramhope – the Reverend Tracey Raistrick – and the following is a statement from the Archdeacon Paul Ayers:

We interviewed successfully on Friday. We have a candidate whom we wish to appoint and who is willing to accept the post, Tracey Raistrick. This is subject to further discussion about patterns of services and ministry to be agreed with the Parochial Church Council.

We hope to make a formal offer and announce an appointment in the next few weeks.

We had hoped that the appointment would be sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, Tracey will not be joining us until December or January.

As we have said many times. a HUGE thank you to the Reverend David Kirby. July 29 will be a sad day for us but a happy day for Margaret and David as they are leaving St Giles and retiring to Pocklington.  See next month’s magazine.

We must also say thank you to our visiting clergy, organists and you the congregation. An interregnum is a difficult time for everyone and we sincerely thank you for your continued support.