Good Friday Reflections Hello Everyone,

Of all the Gospels it is perhaps Mark’s Gospel that is most suited to the year we have just had. Mark is the only Gospel to resist having a happy ending, with the women running terrified from the tomb, and the last words of Jesus are a cry of dereliction from the cross. Mark’s Gospel helps us to stay with Good Friday before we move too quickly to Easter Sunday.

If we had been in Church this year the spoken and sung elements would have been interspersed with space for silence and reflection. So in between the musical and spoken elements that follow you may wish to spend a little time in silent reflection.

Two of the songs I have chosen are well known contemporary songs and two of the songs have words that may be unfamiliar – although you will recognise the tune to “When you prayed beneath the trees”. I chose a less familiar song – a hymn from Malawi – “Holy Lamb of God”, because I thought the tune captured the mood of Good Friday, particularly the sorrow of that cry of dereliction from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me”.

The focus running through the three reflections is to explore what we find distinctive about Mark’s passion narrative. I conclude with a poetic reflection on Psalm 22 and the way in which the poet Malcolm Guite links the psalm with the two psalms on either side, in order to see better how “Christ himself is crying through this Psalm”.
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Please read Genesis 22: 1-18 Genesis-22-1-to-18.pdf (
Please read Psalms 21 and 22 Psalm-21-22-2-April-21.pdf (
Good Friday Reflections 2 April