Sunday 19 July Virtual Service Hello everyone.

Thank you to Jonathan for this week’s sermon, to Joy for leading our intercessions, to Mark and John for reading the Epistle and Gospel, to Lesley and Charlotte for the song, and to Gill for the All Age reflection.

Our epistle today reminds us “If we hope for what we do not see, we wait with patience”. The parable of the wheat and the tares is again about patience, to leave the final outcomes to God. It reminds us that God plays the long game: this isn’t a world we can fix; it’s a world to work in until harvest time. In his sermon Jonathan encourages us to keep on travelling hopefully “in the way we should”, and not to keep God’s hopeful message to ourselves. 

Please join me in singing the song “We will wait”. People have been a bit slow on the uptake thus far. If it helps to know that we won’t be showing the world a video of you singing it – we simply record your voice and showing a still image of all those participating. I hope that will make the idea less off putting and that this song something that will encourage us all as a congregation at what is a difficult time for us all as we come out of lockdown, to be patient and keep hopeful.

A blessing for the week ahead:

Lord of the harvest, make us fruitful in good works.
Help us to share in your salvation,
In the ingathering of your harvest.    


  All the best
Welcome from Tom
Sydney Carter (1914-2004) wrote this lively song in 1971 for the end of term service at Southwark Cathedral School. It is one of the most sung hymns in most hymn books and yet it does not mention God!
Mark reads our Epistle lesson for today.
John reads our Gospel today.
If you click on the image above you will find out more about this magnificent tapestry which gives Jonathan inspiration in his sermons and reflections.
You can read Jonathan’s reflections on this week’s readings if you click on his picture.
Lesley and Charlotte play this joyful hymn, ‘Sing Hosanna!’.
Final Thoughts and the Blessing
For Our Younger People – The Gang Have a New Game This Week
The Service Compiled for Ashcroft House in July
Sunday Service 19 July