Hello everyone

 Good morning. Thank you to Fred for the readings, to Lesley for the song “Let there be love shared among us”, to Bill for leading our prayers, and to Gill for the latest resource for our young people with a catchy song to the tune “O when the saints go marching in”.

In the season of Harvest we were thankful for all of God’s good gifts, and now at All Saints we are thankful for one another and for the memory of saints departed. As well as celebrating living saints this week we have recorded a virtual act of remembrance in loving memory of those who have died this past year and those we continue to remember from the St Giles Church family.

Bill reminds us in our prayers today that we all aspire to be saints and we all have our more ‘spooky’ side, but the desire is still to be that grace-filled person that God makes us by virtue of baptism. 

We have another virtual coffee zoom after our virtual Sunday worship today. Next week we are having another virtual zoom where we will live stream the act of remembrance at the Village War Memorial. The Act of Remembrance starts at 10.55am and we will keep the two minute’s silence as close as we can to 11am.

In my sermon today I explore the idea of saints as living sacraments, living icons, living stories of God. As the poet Malcolm Guite puts it:

Having gazed
On icons in this place, will clarity
Transfigure all of us? 
We turn, amazed,
To see the ones beside us, face to face,
as living icons, sacraments of grace.

All good wishes 

Virtual Service 1 November