Hello everyone,

This week the Gospel is about my namesake Thomas meeting the risen Christ, and that moment when Thomas cries out “My Lord and my God”. 

We give thanks for Thomas and for this statement of faith articulating Jesus’s divinity in a way that none of the disciples achieve in Mark’s Gospel, the Gospel we are following this year.

We also give thanks for all the memorable words of Jesus in our Gospel reading, and the reassurance they bring to us:  “peace be with you” … “I am sending you” … “Receive the Holy Spirit” … “Reach out and touch” … “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”…
Perhaps through a particular phrase Jesus speaks to you today and into your life and the situations you face this week. 

If we feel afraid… Jesus says “peace be with you”. If we feel God is calling us… Jesus says “I am sending you”. If we feel we have let God down… Jesus says “peace be with you”. If we feel empty or inadequate… Jesus says “Receive the Holy Spirit”. If we feel we have been shutting God out of our lives… Jesus says “peace be with you”.

An Easter blessing:

Risen Christ, 
for whom no door is locked, 
no entrance barred:
open the doors of our hearts
that we may seek the good of others
to the praise of God the Father.  Amen.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 10 June 1921-9 April 2021
Virtual Service 11 April