Sunday 13 September Virtual Service Hello everyone.

The theme of our service this week is forgiveness. Peter asks Jesus how many times we are to forgive. Peter suggests seven times which he thinks is on the generous side. Jesus responds that we are to forgive seventy times seven, meaning we are to forgive without limit. 

This week I am drawing upon inspirational words by an Anglican priest, Stephen Cherry, who writes in an accessible way about how forgiveness is both demanding and yet possible.
We can pray for forgiving hearts – and that we might be a forgiving Church – promoting a culture of forgiveness in response to God’s wonderful forgiveness of us:

Lord, give me grace to forgive others
Give me courage to unconditionally forgive
those who have done me wrong
Give me strength to let go of ill-will
And to forgive myself of my own failings
Knowing that you have already forgiven me



Church services are held at 9.30am every Sunday.  There is also a Holy Communion service on Thursdays at 10.30am.  Due to social distancing regulations, numbers may be limited at these services.  This weekly Virtual Service will continue for the time being as well.

Virtual Service 13 September