Good morning everyone
This Sunday we have the Gospel reading of Jesus’s Transfiguration – the story of the moment when God’s glory and light pour out of the person who we celebrated last week is the image of the invisible God in Colossians chapter 1. 

This week’s epistle contains a memorable verse from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians chapter 4 where Paul writes that God’s glory can be seen in the face of Jesus Christ. 

In my sermon today I explore this radical image of Paul’s that  in the face of Jesus of Nazareth we see the image of the invisible God, we see God facing us with love. 

An opening prayer
Lord Jesus, you come to us
with love shining from your face,
you invite us to follow you.
Help us to live lives that reflect your love and that honour you.
To your greater glory                                                                  
and the ushering in of your glorious kingdom.

Our opening hymn is an appropriate one for the Transfiguration. It is by Charles Wesley and it describes Jesus as being like the noonday sun shining in full strength,  “Dayspring from on high, be near, daystar, in my heart appear”:  The hymn is ‘Christ whose glory fills the skies…’

I am delighted that Thursday mornings have now become established as a time when we have zoom prayers as a parish. 
This week after that zoom meeting there will be healing prayers for half an hour from 11.15. Its an opportunity for us to ask for prayers for healing either for ourselves or for someone who is on your heart at the moment.

If you would value these prayers for healing simply click on the same link for morning prayer at any time between 11.15 and 11.45 on Thursday and we can pray together for healing.

Finally a reminder that our Lent course begins this week, “Get creative in Lent”, that’s 7 o’clock this Thursday.


Virtual Service 14 February