Good morning everyone,
In Jonathan’s sermon he encourages us to be better followers of Christ – as the hymn states: “O for a closer walk with God / a calm and heavenly frame. A light to shine upon the road / that leads me to the Lamb”. This is a key theme in Mark’s Gospel: “following Jesus on the Way”, and the following prayer from the Iona community reflects this:

Jesus says “I am the Way for you”.  So we come to follow Christ; 
Jesus says, “I am the Truth for you”.  So we come to dwell in the Light; 
Jesus says “I am life for you”.  So we come, leaving behind all else to which we cling.  

Its not too late to join our ecumenical Lent course, “Get creative in Lent” on Thursday evenings. We are making our way through the passion narrative in Mark’s Gospel. This week we will read chapter 11 where Jesus enters Jerusalem, cleanses the Temple and curses a fig tree. You will find further details and a zoom invite in our weekly e-mails, sign up from the home page.

We are including Bishop Paul’s weekly Lent reflections in these mailings. This week Bishop Paul considers the covenant God made to Abraham because he was found faithful. May we all be faithful in our following the Way.

Where Christ walks … we will follow.
Where Christ stumbles … we will stop.
Where Christ cries … we will listen.
Where Christ suffers … we will hurt.
When Christ dies … we will bow our heads in sorrow.
When Christ rises again in glory … we will share his endless joy.
There is no other way.

Virtual Service 21 February