Good morning
This week is the “Sunday next before Advent”, also known as the feast of Christ the King. The following reflection – based on our Gospel reading today from Matthew 25 – is by Revd Roger Quick, chaplain to the homeless at St George’s Crypt, in his recent book “Entertaining Saints”:

I was hungry and you went out for a nice meal.
I was thirsty and you bought a few bottles for Christmas.
I was a stranger and you wanted me deported.
I was naked and you bought yourself a new outfit.
I was sick and you had cosmetic surgery. 
I was in prison and you went on holiday.  
Lord have mercy.

The book is a thoughtful and moving read. This advent we are collecting items for St George’s Crypt, and I invite you to watch the video accompanying this mailing. This appeal is something that we have done at St Giles for a number of years under the auspices of the Mothers’ Union. You will find the box for collecting particular items requested in the video in the lobby area of the Church which continues to remain open each week on Thursday and Sunday mornings for private prayer.

As we approach what is (we trust) the mid-point of our second national lockdown I thought it would be good to focus on one of the greatest gifts that we have been given as followers of Jesus: the Lord’s Prayer. In my sermon I invite you to imagine the Lord’s Prayer as being like six envelopes alongside a handwritten note from Jesus saying, “open when anxiety strikes”.

Our Advent course, “Living in Hope”, starts this week. The Zoom link for Week One is in this mailing.   Week One is entitled “Living well”. Catherine Fox, who wrote the course, reminds us of the rabbi who asked, “What if there is only one question God puts to us when we die: “Did you enjoy my creation?” How would we answer? As I have been preparing for the course that question has been going round in my head. Despite lockdown I am thankful that I can still enjoy creation, and being with God in creation.

A blessing on the Feast of Christ the King:

May Christ our exalted King 
pour upon you his abundant gifts,
and make you faithful and strong 
to do his will.  Amen.

Virtual Service 22 November