Hello everyone

This week in my sermon I look at a series of commitment prayers from an amazing resource by Barbara Glasson, who is this year’s President of the Methodist Conference. The book is called “Positive Prayers for Cities”. One of these prayers reads well alongside the Gospel words of Jesus today from the Sermon on the Mount. It is about keeping our resolve when things get tough.

Whenever it is tough, we will continue. 
Whenever hearts are broken, we will warm.
Whenever thoughts are rigid, we will challenge.
Whenever discouraged, we will pray.

Whoever goes with us, we will embolden.
Whoever deserts us, we will bless.

Whoever is friendly, we will embrace kindly.
Whatever it costs us, we will pay.

Wherever God sends us, we will go gladly.
Wherever God finds us, we will keep heart.

Wherever God guides us, we will walk gently.
Wherever God takes us, we will stay.

The second commitment prayer seems appropriate for today, Environment Sunday:

Lord, I commit myself to simpler living,
to desiring less, recycling more.

I commit myself to ethical shopping,
to sourcing goods wisely, opting for fair trade.

I commit myself to just economics,
to reducing world debt, boycotting unjust practices.

I commit myself to empowering politics,
to sharing resources, reducing the gap between rich and poor.

If you feel you can say either or both of these prayers why not say “Amen” at the end?
Next Sunday we are having an informal coffee in the virtual “Church Zoom Hall” at 11.30am. We have all missed seeing everyone for a coffee in the church hall after the service. Unfortunately you will have to make your own cuppa! But do join in and see some friendly faces and enjoy companionship.

The following week we are having a special Remembrance gathering from 10.45am. The invite for the coffee Zoom next Sunday is embedded in the virtual email with an icebreaker appropriate for All Saints, so perhaps see you then. Contact hello@stgilesbramhope.org.uk if you have not received this.

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Virtual Service 25 October