Good morning everyone.

So. This is it. The last time I wheel out the wheelie bins and convert the Church into a recording studio. Our last pre-recorded virtual service. Apparently we have produced around 700 separate videos since 23 March 2020… I’m feeling a bit tired.

I hope these virtual acts of worship have served a purpose and have kept you connected with God. Thank you for supporting this venture and for watching week by week. Thank you to all who have contributed in different ways.

A massive thanks to Jenni for collating everything that has come in week by week, to Gill for knitting everything together with such an eye for detail, and to Sarah for such dedicated oversight of all our communicating and virtual outreach.

Its Trinity Sunday today. Bryan begins his prayers by praying to the Father through the Son and in the power of the Spirit. God doesn’t make it difficult to be in relationship with him: sending the Son, assuring us of God’s love for us; sending the Spirit, equipping us to share God’s love with others.

We can accept God’s gracious invitation by responding in kind. Accepting that invitation is like being born – as our Gospel puts it – “from above”. English phrases like “starting over” or “from the top” help us get closer to the meaning of the original “born from above”: a sense of being “born over”.

We are meant for relationship with God. If that’s how we experience God – in relationship – by extension we come to see the image of God in everyone.

I love the prayer that Bryan uses to conclude our parish prayers. It says all the things I wanted to say as I take my leave as your parish priest, concluding with these words: “…go with us along the way, Lord, and enable us to realise your presence at all times and in all we do”.

So keep praying and worshipping – keep drawing close to God as the source of our hope in these difficult times.

Every blessing

Virtual Service 30 May