A Prayer for Manchester

By Rachel Mann, priest in the Diocese of Manchester

A Prayer for Manchester after the Bombing

Compassionate God,
whose Love dares to dwell in the midst of us.
Be with the people of Manchester today.
Grieve with us in our grief,
search with us as we seek out lost loved ones,
wait with us in the anxiety of unknowing.

Help us to give thanks for the people of Manchester –
warm, open, generous and resilient;
Help us to draw on the spirit of solidarity
and the defiance in loss of this great city.
Be with our emergency services
in this time of trial.

In the midst of our fears,
and the fierce pain of loss;
when our commitment to justice
and mercy and kindness
is tested by death and terror,
be with us, O Lord.

Today let us mourn, let us weep;
meet us in our anger,
fear and disbelief.

Tomorrow help us be makers of your compassionate world.


Janice’s Letter of the Month

Dear Friends,

First a thank you to all those who made our Easter celebrations such memorable ones! We really did have joyous celebrations at all our services on Easter Day.  A special thank you to the flower arrangers who made our church look even more beautiful than it normally is!

We move on now in our journey through the church’s year to Ascension Day on Thursday 25 May. Long gone are the days when schools gave a day off for this church festival and announced the 11+ results on the same day, but their association with the ascending to heaven of our Lord is for ever linked in my mind.

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50:50 Club Prize Draw



 Join us in the hall after the All.Together service

Every month 50% of the money collected goes to the Church and the remaining 50% is given away as prize money. We have raised over £1500 so far!


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